St. George
Serbian Orthodox Church
Carmichaels, PA

Kolo - Typical Baking Day

Mary Trbovich prepares the baking pans a day in advance, lining them with paper.

Baking day starts at 6:30 A.M. in the church basement as Mickey Zorman sprays the papered pans.

Meanwhile Melva Hunchuck starts mixing dough while Anna Mae Knezovich and Sonia Janson pre-measure ingredients.

Mickey ladles apricot filling into stainless steel bowls.

Anna Mae begins kneading and weighing each ball of dough.

Mary and Mickey run each ball of dough twice through the rolling machine.

Mickey Bezjak flours the dough and Irene Yancich rolls it into final shape by hand.

Mike "Mac" Rogish scoops filling onto the rolled dough and Mary spreads it evenly.

Finally Mary rolls the filled dough and places it carefully in a baking pan.

After the rolls are allowed to rise, Dorothy Bozick generously spreads each roll with beaten egg and pierces the top just prior to baking.

And, Of Course, Nut Rolls...

Andrea Janson mixes the filling for nut rolls. Mac scoops it onto the dough while Mary and Irene spread. Mildred "Mim" Belch rolls them up.

Kathryn Sage takes hot rolls out of the oven.

Dorothy Smargie arranges them to cool.

Cleaning up is an important part of the job! Mickey is the rolling machine expert. Mary and Mim clean the counters.

...and everyone cleans up the kitchen.

To buy Apricot Rolls, Cheese Rolls, Lekvar Rolls, Nut Rolls or Poppyseed Rolls
Phone St. George Church at 724-966-7428 or 724-966-5611

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