St. George
Serbian Orthodox Church
Carmichaels, PA

Kolo - Circle Of Serbian Sisters

Sonia Janson

is President of the St.George Kolo as was her mother before her. She is also the President of the St.George Choir, bakes the prosphora for the Divine Liturgy and is always working for the Church.

Mildred "Mim" Belch,

is a quiet and steady worker for the St. George Kolo. Mim is Honored Kuma for the St. George Church for the current year. She attends church services daily.

Mickey Bezjak

Mickey Bezjak is a long-time member of the Kolo. Her mother Dora also was a member with a reputation of being an extremely hardworker. Mickey is the Coordinator the St. George Church School.

Dorothy Bozick

has always been active with the St. George Kolo. She has served as Treasurer for the St.George Church throughout most of its existence. Dorothy comes faithfully each time the bakers are scheduled and works regularly in the kitchen near the ovens where it can get quite warm.

Francis Dragich

works quietly and steadily for the St.George Kolo including staffing the bake stand at the St.George picnics. She is a member of the St.George Parish Audit Board.

Melva Hunchuck,

vice president and former president of the Kolo, has been instrumental in keeping the roll project continuing with great success!

Her husband Joe and daughter Mitzie help out behind the scenes with the baking project. Joe has been known to grind nuts at home to get them ready. Mitzie often delivers supplies to the church and does related preparatory work.

Andrea Janson

Andrea was Kuma for the St.George Choir Slava this year. She assists with the directing of the Choir. Andrea's grandmother and mother have served as President of the Kolo.

Anna Mae Knezovich

Anna Mae was Kuma for the Kolo this year at its Slava in on August 28. She is a hardworker and also a regular member of the St.George Choir.

Martha Marva

comes to bake for the St. George Kolo and helped sell rolls at the Octoberfest in Masontown this year . She comes from a family with a long history in the St. George Church.

Kathryn Sage

is the Treasurer for the Kolo. She handles the finances and is always present to work when workers are needed.

Dorothy Smargie (left)

works at all times, consistently, quietly and effectively to help make the baking project the success it is. Dorothy often can be seen in front of a long line of recently baked rolls that look delicious and are cooling for packaging.

Dorothy's mother (right) Anna "Grandma" Cindric,
keeps a watchfull eye on the Kolo members while they bake nut rolls.

Mary Trbovich

is a regular baker for the Kolo. Often Mary will set up the pans and other needed items the day before the actual baking as part of the advance preparation.

Irene Yancich

is a faithful helper and friend of the St. George Kolo. She and her late husband Paul who also was a good worker for the Church were the first couple married in the records of the St. George Church.

Mildred "Mickey" Zorman

normally is the first baker at the church on baking day. Mickey is an "early bird" and a hardworker.

Anna Krewasky

Anna stopped in to say hello to the bakers. Anna was known for her ability to roll the dough for many years. She is an active supporter of the Kolo and faithful church attender.

Nut rolls hot out of the oven. They look so good you can almost smell them!
Click HERE to see how those delicious rolls are made.

To buy Apricot Rolls, Cheese Rolls, Lekvar Rolls, Nut Rolls or Poppyseed Rolls
Phone St. George Church at 724-966-7428

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