St. George
Serbian Orthodox Church
Carmichaels, PA

Fiftieth Anniversary
October 24, 2004

With the Archpastoral Blessing of His Grace Bishop Dr. MITROPHAN, on October 24, 2004, the St. George Serbian Orthodox Church in Carmichaels, Pennsylvania celebrated the Fiftieth Anniversary of the consecration of the parish church.

At the Divine Liturgy, prayers were offered for the living and departed. The St. George Choir under the direction of Sonia Janson sang the responses.

The Anniversary banquet was held at Dolfi's in Masontown. Proprietor of Dolfi's with his wife Karen, Executive Board President Stan Brozik served as the Master of Ceremonies.

Protonica Romana Prodanovich came from Midland, Pennsylvania to speak of the years +Proto Stavrofor Slobodan Prodanovich of blessed memory was the priest at St. George Church. She was accompanied by their daughter Vesna Meinert, Technical Editor of the Path of Orthodoxy and Secretary for Shadeland Camp.

Proto Stavrofor Vasilije and Protonica Zoreen Sokolovich made the long trip from Cleveland, Ohio to be part of the Anniversary celebration and both shared cherished memories of their lives at the St. George Church.

Protopresbyter George Yatsko, priest of Nativity of Blessed Virgin Mary Orthodox Church in Monongahela, Pennsylvania described growing up in the St. George Church. Proto George attended with Protonica Maria Yatsko whose monastic brother Father Nazarius (known then as Father Nikodim Pribojan) also served as a priest of St. George Church.

Father Rumen Stoychev from Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary Orthodox Church in Masontown expressed his congratulations and joy in coming to St. George Church where he can hear and sing Church Slavonic.

St. George Executive Board Vice President and Altar server Dr. Ivko Dimitric and Choir and Kolo President Sonia Janson spoke from their hearts about the St. George Church.

Andrea Janson, Associate Director of the Choir and Audit Board Member, prepared the Anniversary Book portraying the history of the parish to the present.

Parishioners and friends of the parish from many different areas filled the church and attended the banquet in celebration of this milestone.

Fifteen priests have served the parish. Four priests and one deacon were ordained at the St. George Church. Ordained as priests were: Father Vasilje Sokolovich, Father Milan Sturgis, Father Djokan Majstorovic and Father Rodney Torbic. Father Yatkso was ordained deacon at the St. George Church.

Father George Yatkso and Tonsured Reader Mark Zivkovich, are two parishioners from the St. George Church who went to seminary and received Master's degrees in Divinity.

Parish records indicate three hundred and thirty-four individuals became Serbian Orthodox Christians through Baptism and Chrismation. Four hundred and fifty-eight individuals were buried under the auspices of the Church. Eighty-four weddings were celebrated.

Divine services were celebrated on Sundays and feast days during the past half century and currently are held daily.

Thanks be to God for all participating in the celebration and contributing to the growth of the parish. Thanks be to God for the St. George Serbian Orthodox Church.

Fr. Rodney Torbic

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