St. George
Serbian Orthodox Church
Carmichaels, PA

Bulletin 385 - May 8 / May 21, 2006

The Orthodox Faith

Chronicle of St. George Serbian Orthodox Church
Diocesan Bishop - His Grace Bishop Dr. MITROPHAN
Parish Priest - Fr. Rodney Torbic
296 Old Route 21
Carmichaels, Pennsylvania 15320
May 8 / May 21, 2006
Sunday of the Samaritan Woman
No. 385

Remember to listen to the parish radio broadcast each Sunday afternoon at 12:15 on WMBS, 590 AM, Uniontown.

Services This Past Week
May 14
One person came for Midnight Office, Matins and First Hour.
Approximately 48 people came for Divine Liturgy. Parastos held.
May 15
No formal services were held, but one person came to personally read.
May 16
No formal services were held, but one person came to personally read.
May 17
Four people came for the Akathist to the Tomb and Resurrection and Akathist to the Resurrection
May 18
One person came for Midnight Office, Matins and First Hour.
Six people came for the Akathist to the Tomb and Resurrection and Akathist to the Resurrection.
May 19
One person came for Midnight Office, Matins and First Hour.

Services This Coming Week - Always Call to Confirm Weekday Schedule

Midnight Office, Matins, First Hour, Divine Liturgy.

5:30 AM and 4:00 PM

5:30 AM and 4:00 PM

5:30 AM and 4:00 PM

Divine Liturgy - Holy Trinity Mission, Fairmont, West Virginia at 10:00 AM

5:30 AM and 6:30 PM

5:30 AM and 4:00 PM

5:30 AM and 4:00 PM

Divine Liturgy - Holy Trinity Mission, Fairmont, West Virginia at 10:00 AM

Remember Monastery Marcha with Prayers and Contributions

Important Dates

Today - Sunday of the Samaritan Woman - Holy Apostle John the Theologian
May 22 - Transfer of Relics of St. Nicholas -
May 23 - Sts. Cyril and Methodius - St. Nikodim.
May 28 - Sunday of the Blind Man
June 1 - Feast of the Holy Ascension of Our Lord.
June 3 - Sts. Constantine and Helen-St.Jelena of Decani
June 4 - Holy Fathers of First Ecumenical Council, Parish Outdoor Religious Program and Picnic.
June 9 - Leave taking of Ascension

If you are too busy to are too busy!

Parish Life

Choir Director Sonia Janson and Cantor Dr. Ivko Dimitric attended a Cantors Workshop at St. Elijah Church in Aliquippa. St. Sava School of Theology Professor Father Milos Vesin was the instructor. Protopresbyter Stavrofor Stevan Stepanov, Dean of the Pittsburgh Deanery and priest of St. Elijah Church serves on the Sabor Committee for Church Music.

Congratulations to Andrea Janson on the increase in the size of her cow herd.

It is good to have Mike Rogish back in church.

Jeff Jones returned to visit St. George Church after living out of town for thirty-three years.

Congratulations to Ralph Hunchuck on his recent promotion.

Four people came to Adult Class this past Thursday to discuss adult learning - seeking the wisdom of God. Class again this coming Thursday at 7: 00 PM.

Remember the sick, the suffering, the imprisoned, those in care homes, rehab centers and homebound. Remember the people caring for them.

Remember miners living and departed.

Remember the suffering Serbian People in Kosovo and Metohijia.

Make good use of the time between now and Holy Ascension.

Are you among the listeners to the parish radio program?

Read the Bible daily for the benefit of your soul.

Learn the saints celebrated by the Church each day.

A Thought from Dr. Darren Torbic

When God created man, He created man in His own image and likeness. This is what distinguishes man from the rest of creation, and above all explains man's unique position in the cosmos. Whether the image of God in man is interpreted as man having dominion over all of the earth, focusing on man's intellect or man's spirit, body, and soul when explaining his personhood, seeing each human being as infinitely precious, etc., there are numerous ways to explain and understand the significance of man being created in the image of God. The fact is, because God created man in His image, man was created with great potential. He was created pure, holy, passionless, and sinless. Only as a result of man's fall was this potential corrupted, but through the Incarnation, Jesus Christ has restored human nature to its fullest potential. This is the image that should shape the lives of Orthodox Christians

( Paper - "Image Is Everything" May 2006.) )

Remember the Students of St. Sava School of Theology in Libertyville

To Consider

The wisdom of God.
Seeking the wisdom of God.
The effort required in seeking the wisdom of God.

Recent Activities of Parish Priest

May 14 - Began bus trip to New York City for Orthodox Christian Education Board of Trustees meeting in Wayne, New Jersey on May 15. Visited Protopresbyter Djokan Majstorovic and family at St. Sava Cathedral and began return trip on May 16.
May 16 - Visit family at time of surgery, Washington Hospital.
May 17 - Visited parishioner at Waynesburg Hospital.
May 20 - Scheduled to attend Reunion of Employees of Youth Development Center at Loysville, Pennsylvania.

From the Desert Fathers

He (Pambo) also said, "This voice cries out to a man to his last breath, 'Be converted today.'"

From the Archives - Our Relationship with Jesus Christ

This is the time to consider Jesus Christ and our relationship with Him Jesus Christ is ever present with us. At times we will clearly sense His presence. At other times, we will feel distant and have thoughts dwelling other than on Christ. It is important that we always repent and return to Jesus Christ.

Our relationship with Jesus Christ is more than intellectual. It is intensely and uniquely personal. Though all Christians are united with and identify with Christ, each person feels a special relationship with Christ, a one to One relationship.

A special bond exists among Christians which they share with each other and with Christ. This bond transcends language and territory to link together in spirit and love, people who have never met personally.

The physical birth of Jesus Christ took place centuries ago. As Orthodox Christians, we celebrate Christ's nativity each year as a present day reality. We proclaim with joy each year that "God is with us!"

It is likely that we do not spend sufficient time being amazed at the passage of centuries and the enduring presence of Christ. Each year at the Divine Liturgy on Pascha we read from the Gospel of St. John that Jesus existed at what is referred to as "the beginning." (Jn. 1:2). St. John states that all things were made through Him, and without Him nothing was made that was made."(Jn. 1:3).

Jesus Christ is central to our Faith. We take our identity from Him. We place our hope in Him. He is our salvation, the source for the remission of sins.

As Christians, we live in a busy and diverse world. There are many distractions. Many individuals in the world blaspheme and do not proclaim Jesus Christ with great glory. At times, the conclusion can be drawn a war is being waged to denounce and subdue any references to Jesus Christ in public places.

We must be certain of our faith. Our perspective must be clear. Through prayer, continual prayer without ceasing, we can come to know Christ as we have never known Him. The barriers to our relationship with Jesus Christ exist within ourselves.

Each of us exerts control over our personal prayer life. Each of us exerts control over our use of time. Our thoughts are subject to personal control. We must be sensitive to the world "discipline" and how it emanates from the word "disciple". To be disciples of Christ, He must ever be present in our prayers, thoughts and mind. Jesus Christ must be our consuming interest.

The Orthodox Church is a Trinitarian Church. In the Creed, we proclaim our belief in One God, the Father Almighty, maker of heaven and earth. We proclaim our belief in the Son of God, of one essence with the Father. In the Creed, we assert our belief in the Holy Spirit, the giver of life, who with the Father and Son is worshipped and glorified. Our beliefs give rise to our actions and they define us as human beings.

We are members of the Holy Orthodox Church. Our religious teachings and services proclaim Christ as God and enable us to learn more about Him. Through the Holy Mysteries, we experience Christ in diverse ways in which He is wonderfully impacts our lives.

The Holy Mysteries are turning points in human lives. We meet Christ in the Holy Mysteries, in Baptism, Chrismation, Confession and Communion, Marriage and Ordination, in Holy Unction....these are times when changes noticeably occur in human beings. Participation in the Holy Mysteries is a turning point of life.

There is a subtlety to Jesus Christ. He acts in ways which defy total comprehension and challenge the best of minds. Jesus Christ became man without giving up His divinity. He entered the world through humble surroundings. We have no record of His being educated in institutions of higher learning but His teachings interest the world's best scholars.

Records exist of healing by Jesus Christ. These miracles are sources of hope and inspiration for the sick and suffering of the world. They are objects of scholarly research and close scrutiny. More importantly, the miracles of Christ serve to manifest the faith of Christians everywhere. Christ offers hope!

People of all ages have relationships with Jesus Christ. We know from the Gospel of St. Matthew that Jesus wanted the little children to come to Him. (MT. 19:14). From personal observation, we can attest that men and women of all ages find a bond with Jesus Christ.

For many, the relationship with Jesus Christ begins at infant Baptism and grows throughout life. Other individuals may experience unity with Christ at later stages in life. The relationships may mature at different rates and in different ways. With certainty, we know the relationships with Christ are not limited by age, sex, race or national origin.

Jesus Christ is identified with the Kingdom of God. In the Creed, we refer to His Second Coming. In the Lord's Prayer, we pray, "Thy Kingdom come..." The Creed, The Lord's Prayer and our thoughts regarding Jesus Christ, all deserve careful attention.

In the Creed, we refer to the judgment that will take place when Christ returns. The Gospel of St. Matthew in the Twenty Fifth Chapter is an additional point of reference to the Last Judgment.

Our relationship to Jesus Christ is not to be stagnant. We should look to St. Apostle Paul who said Jesus Christ would be magnified in his body whether by life of by death. For St. Paul, to live is Christ and to die is gain. (Phil. 1:26-27).

Everyday is a new opportunity to renew our relationship with Jesus Christ. Every moment is an opportunity to say: "Lord Jesus Christ, Son of God, have mercy on me a sinner."

Throughout our lives, Jesus Christ is ever-present. He is wherever we may go. If we travel to another country, He is there. If we work in a factory or hospital or office, Jesus Christ is present. Airplanes and rockets do not reach heights which exceed the grasp and presence of Christ.

We do not have to search to find Christ. We do not have to travel far. Our challenge is to open our hearts to Him and to keep them open. Our challenge is to keep our minds on Christ. We must open our eyes and be sensitive to Christ's presence wherever we are.

Now is the time to consider our relationship with Jesus Christ. It is always time to consider our relationship with Him. Time is measured according to Christ's birth. It behooves us to measure each moment of time as a golden opportunity to be with Jesus Christ.
St. George Serbian Orthodox Church, Carmichaels, Pennsylvania.
May 8 / May 21, 2006
Sunday of the Samaritan Woman

Fr. Rodney Torbic

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