St. George
Serbian Orthodox Church
Carmichaels, PA

Bulletin 565 - November 2 / November 15, 2009

The Orthodox Faith

Chronicle of St. George Serbian Orthodox Church
Diocesan Bishop - His Grace Bishop Dr. MITROPHAN
Parish Priest - Fr. Rodney Torbic
296 Old Route 21
Carmichaels, Pennsylvania 15320
November 2 / November 15, 2009
Twenty-Third Sunday after Pentecost
No. 565

Remember to listen to the parish radio broadcast each Sunday afternoon at 12:15 on WMBS, 590 AM, Uniontown.

II Timothy 4:7

I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith.

Services Recently
November 6
Midnight Office, Matins and First Hour were read.
Ninth Hour and Vespers were read.
November 7
Four people came for Ninth Hour and Vespers with Lityia. Names of all Departed this from the St. George Church were read. The names of Departed were also read the previous Sunday.
November 8
Midnight Office, Matins and First Hour were read.
Third and Sixth Hour were read followed by the Divine Liturgy and blessing of Kolach and Koljivo.
Twenty-seven people attended the Divine Liturgy with four communicants.
November 9
Midnight Office, Matins and First Hour were read. Ninth Hour and Vespers were read
November 10
Midnight Office, Matins and First Hour were read.
Father Dimitre Dumutrov came to participate in the Akathist to the Lord Jesus Christ.
November 11
Midnight Office, Matins and First Hour were read.

Services This Coming Week - Always Call to Confirm Weekday Schedule

Midnight Office, Matins, First Hour. Third and Sixth Hour followed by the Divine Liturgy, Blessing of Kolach and Koljivo.

5:30 AM on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday.

Monday and Saturday 8:00 AM Divine Liturgy. Make an effort to attend.

4:00 PM on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday.

Akathist at 6:30 PM followed by Adult Class.

Remember Monastery Marcha with Prayers and Contributions

Important Dates

Today November 15 - Choir Slava celebration, Covered dish dinner.
November 16 - Translation of Relics of St. George
November 21 - St. Archangel Michael and Other Bodiless Powers
November 22 - St. Nectarios
November 24 - Holy Martyr Stephen of Decani, King of Serbia
November 26 - St. John Chrysostom
November 27 - Holy Apostle Philip, Nativity Fast begins.
November 29 - Holy Apostle and Evangelist Matthew
December 3 - Forefeast of the Enty of the Theotokos into the Temple
December 4 - Entry of the Theotokos into the Temple
December 6 - Robena Mine Memorial
December 8 - Leavetaking of the Feast of the Entry of the Theotokos into the Temple
December 13 - Holy Apostle Andrew the First Called-Parish Annual Assembly

If you are too busy to are too busy!

Remember the Serbian People in Kosovo and All Suffering People.

Parish Life

Thank you to all supporting the St. George Choir and staying for the Slava dinner today.

Thank you to all Choir members for singing throughout the year.

The parish radio program is on WMBS 590 AM each Sunday and on the internet all week.

The radio broadcast time is approximately 6:15 PM on Sundays when the Steelers play at 1:00 PM. Normally the radio broadcast is at 12:15 PM. Listen and encourage others to listen.

When you listen to the radio broadcast, please inform Father Rodney.

Adult Class this Wednesday. Discussion of the Divine Liturgy will continue. All parishioners are encouraged to attend. Two people came for class this past week.

Remember the sick, the suffering, the imprisoned, those in rehab centers, the homebound, the mentally ill, their caretakers and the institution staffs.

Remember the men and women serving in the military and their families.

Remember the workers in mines, law-enforcement, corrections, probation and parole and firefighters, all working in dangerous occupations.

If you have a question about the services or the Church, ask Father Rodney.

Each parishioner should take time to observe his or her Slava.

If you have not been to Holy Confession and Communion recently, it is time to prepare.

Pete Smargie was Co-chairman of the Veterans Day Parade in Masontown for fifty years. Wife Dorothy supported him Pete in his work in behalf of veterans. Both worked in behalf of St. George Church.

A Thought from His Grace Bishop Dr. MITROPHAN.

Spiritual growth is directed to the Lord Jesus Christ, for through Him the whole body is well ordered and joined together (cf. Eph.4:16). The more the Gospel is preached, the more the Church of Christ grows and is perfected. Co-responsibility is one of the essential conditions for the perfection of the Body of Christ. The Holy Apostle Paul knew this, and thus advises the Corinthian Christians with the words: "That there should be no schism in the body, but (that) the members should have the same care for one another."

(The Teachings of Saint Apostle Paul on the Church. Translation Protopresbyter Stefan Zaremba. 2001, p. 7 )

To Consider

Contributions of the St. George Choir throughout the year.
The dedication of St. George Choir members.
The sacrifices made by St. George Choir members to be faithful.

Remember the Students at St. Sava School of Theology, Libertyville, Illinois

Recent Activities of Parish Priest

November 6 - Attended seminars sponsored by West Virginia University Division of Social Work on Non-profit agency budgeting, financing and fundraising held in Morgantown, West Virginia.
November 7 - Went to Diocesan Center in Mars for Divine Liturgy.
November 11 - Visited veteran in Uniontown.
November 11 - Went to St. Petersburg, Florida for meeting of Orthodox Clergy Brotherhood of Greater Tampa Bay. Returned November 13, 2009.

Psalm 34:1

I will bless the Lord at all times; his praise shall continually be in my mouth.

The Twenty-Third Sunday after Pentecost

Luke 8:26-39

Then they sailed to the country of the Gadarenes, which is opposite Galilee. And when He stepped out on the land, there met Him a certain man from the city who had demons for a long time. And he wore no clothes, nor did he live in a house but in the tombs. When he saw Jesus, he cried out, fell down before Him, and with a loud voice said, "What have I to do with You, Jesus, Son of the Most High God? I beg You, do not torment me!" For he had commanded the unclean spirit to come out of the man. For it had often seized him, and he was kept under guard, bound with chains and shackles; and he broke the bonds and was driven by the demon into the wilderness. Jesus asked him, saying, "What is your name?" And he said, "Legion," because many demons had entered him. And they begged Him that He would not command them to go out into the abyss. Now a herd of many swine was feeding there on the mountain. So they begged Him that He would permit them to enter them. And He permitted them. Then the demons went out of the man and entered the swine, and the herd ran violently down the steep place into the lake and drowned. When those who fed them saw what had happened, they fled and told it in the city and in the country. Then they went out to see what had happened, and came to Jesus, and found the man from whom the demons had departed, sitting at the feet of Jesus, clothed and in his right mind. And they were afraid. They also who had seen it told them by what means he who had been demon-possessed was healed. Then the whole multitude of the surrounding region of the Gadarenes asked Him to depart from them, for they were seized with great fear. And He got into the boat and returned. Now the man from whom the demons had departed begged Him that he might be with Him. But Jesus sent him away, saying, "Return to your own house, and tell what great things God has done for you." And he went his way and proclaimed throughout the whole city what great things Jesus had done for him.

The demon-possessed man was healed by the Lord Jesus Christ. Jesus instructed the healed man to tell others what great things God had done for him.

God does great things for every person. Every person needs to take time to carefully think about the continuous blessings from God. Every person has innumerable reasons to praise and give thanks to God.

The warmth of the sun and the benefit of the rain have healing aspects for every person. The nourishment of the earth and the fish of the sea provide strength and satisfy the hunger of people everywhere.

God provides the abundant growth from the earth. God provides the fish of the sea. The demands of daily living may cause believers to overlook the blessings and nature of God.

Living in the present world with media reports that constantly describe negative happenings in daily life can be stressful. Taking time to consider the blessings from God puts life into perspective.

God gives strength for believers to deal with adversity. God gives discernment for believers to sort through the negatives of daily life. The present Gospel reveals the power of God to instill goodness in suffering men and women.

God removed the demons that created consternation in the possessed man. The man experienced peace from God. Everyday believers can feel the peace of God in their lives.

Prayer will enable a believer to find peace with God. Prayer will enable a believer to be confident in the face of adversity. Prayer will enable a believer to move beyond fear to confidence established with God.

Giving thanks is an essential part of the Christian experience. Giving thanks is a lesson for every parent to teach their children. Growth in Christ includes taking time to thank God.

Giving thanks includes taking time to continually think about the blessings of God and taking time to look at the work of God in our lives. Jesus hung on the Cross until death.

Believers benefit by keeping the image of the Crucified Christ in their thoughts. The Cross revealed that Christ was the Son of God. The centurion witnessing the Crucifixion said: "Truly this man was the Son of God." (Mk. 15:39)

Demons are devastated by the power of the Crucified and Risen Lord. Demons lose their power when confronted by Christ. The Lord Jesus Christ replaces the torment of demons with the peace of God.

The peace of God in a person's life will affect others. The peace of God in a person's life changes the atmosphere. The peace of God in a person's life is observable and will be noticed by others.

Contemporary believers do well to think beyond the hustle and bustle of present life. Contemporary believers do well to concentrate on the peace of God which puts fears associated with contemporary life into perspective.

Contemporary believers are capable of dealing with woes of modern life when placing full confidence in God. The God who brought healing to the demon-possessed man can bring peace to every mind open to God.

Peace with God is a lasting peace. Peace with God is lasting when the believer remains faithful to God. The temptations and dangers tormenting believers every day are conquered only with the help of God.

The hard lesson of finding peace in Christ is best learned by placing full confidence in the Crucified and Risen Christ. When we place our full confidence in Christ, we find peace and demons are put to flight.

St. George Serbian Orthodox Church, Carmichaels, Pennsylvania.
November 2 / November 15, 2009
Twenty-Third Sunday after Pentecost.

Fr. Rodney Torbic

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