St. George
Serbian Orthodox Church
Carmichaels, PA

Prayers at the Robena Memorial
December 6, 1999

by Fr. Rodney Torbic

O Lord we remember the miners!
They have given their full lives.
We pray you are merciful to their souls.
We seek Thy comfort and solace.
We seek Thy guidance for the future.
Thank You for the goodness to their families.
Their lives are candles in Thy Kingdom.
Let their good work live on.
May these deaths be crowns of victory.
May these lives be eternal lessons.
O Lord be in our hearts.
Keep this record in Your heavenly journal.
Increase the vigilance here on earth.
Let us savor the life of each miner.
Let us always remember the dead.
To Thee be Glory, always now and ever.

We depart today with peace.
We depart with love for our living.
We depart with love for our dead.
We are miners and friends of miners.
Our memories are long.
Our hearts are laden.
We pray for justice.
We pray for good work conditions.
We pray for a safe working place.
We pray for wise leaders.
We pray for fairness in the workplace.
We will always honor our dead.
Give strength and wisdom to the living.
Through our Holy Fathers, save us.
O Lord be merciful unto us.

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