St. George
Serbian Orthodox Church
Carmichaels, PA

The Feast of St. Nicholas

by Fr. Rodney Torbic

The Orthodox Christian world relates to St. Nicholas a a contemporary. The passing of centuries has only increased the love for St. Nicholas. The passing centuries have only proven the saintliness of St. Nicholas.

Orthodox Christians perceive the work of Jesus Christ in the life of St. Nicholas. Orthodox Christians identify strength of faith and charity with St. Nicholas.

St. Nicholas stands out as a prominent feast each December. Many Serbian homes celebrate St. Nicholas as the family Krsna Slava. The blessing of memorial wheat and the cutting of the kolach bring family and friends together. The priest offers the prayers and the blessings, invoking the intercession of St. Nicholas with Jesus Christ.

The love for St. Nicholas among Orthodox Christians is manifest in the preparations which take place in family homes. The love for St. Nicholas is manifest in the celebration of the Divine Liturgy in parish churhces.

The Akathist to St. Nicholas and the verses for vespers for St. Nicholas give instruction on the life and influence of this beloved saint.

Researchers have their work cut out for them. St. Nicholas has endured through the centuries. St.Nicholas has had an influence through the centuries.

We pray to St. Nicholas on the day of the feast. We pray to St. Nicholas each Thursday. St. Nicholas is a constant presence in each Divine Liturgy.

St. Nicholas is well known among all Orthodox Christians. The influence of St. Nicholas reaches into homes of Orthodox believers.

God is still in control of the world. The saints continue to bear witness to Jesus Christ in their lives. Believers acting on their faith in Jesus Christ are never disappointed.

Today is the day to seek Jesus Christ. Today is the day to take up the cross and follow Jesus Christ.

We are blessed by St. Nicholas. We are privileged to pray. May God grant Orthodox believers to find stability and peace in Jesus Christ.

In prayer and in profound appreciation, let us give thanks to St. Nicholas. Through the prayers of St. Nicholas, may we remain faithful and true to our Lord Jesus, mindful of our commitment at Baptism.

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