St. George
Serbian Orthodox Church
Carmichaels, PA

St. Sava - 2003
by Fr. Rodney Torbic

St. Sava, the First Serbian Archbishop, lived during a definite period of time in definite geographical areas. Bishop NIKOLAI records St. Sava's death in 1235. St. Sava is not confined to the period of time of his earthly life, nor to the specific geographical areas in which he lived and from which he departed this life.

For Serbian Orthodox Christians, St. Sava is loved and held with great regard. St. Sava is remembered by Serbian Orthodox Christians in many different ways. The Orthodox world knows of St. Sava.

St. Sava's relationship with Jesus Christ is the primary basis for Orthodox Christians remembering St. Sava. Contemporary Orthodox Christians continue to pray to St. Sava regularly.

Peace and education are identified with St. Sava. Prayer is identified with St. Sava. The Serbian Orthodox Church identifies with St. Sava.

Orthodox Christians gather in churches to honor St. Sava. St. Sava is rooted in the Church. St. Sava gave his life to the Church.

A love exists for St. Sava. The interest shown to St. Sava is beyond existing levels of calculation.

We pray to St. Sava. We pray to him for peace. We pray to St. Sava for unity among the Serbian Orthodox Christians. We pray for direction from St. Sava.

We find new ways each year to express love for St. Sava and to honor St. Sava. One cannot separate the love for St. Sava from the faith of Serbian Orthodox Christians.

St. Sava still leads people to Christ. On Mt. Athos, at Monastery Milesevo, and at the Cathedral on Vracar, St. Sava is remembered. Pilgrims go to where St. Sava has been. Liturgical services are held there.

Word of St. Sava travels to all parts of the earth. The contributions of St. Sava continue to accumulate.

Christ lives in St. Sava. St. Sava lives in Christ. We are inspired by St. Sava. We are motivated by St. Sava. We learn from St. Sava.

Adults become like believing children when St. Sava programs occur.

St. Sava programs build memories. St. Sava programs build records. St. Sava Programs are contributions to the Church and community.

May the Lord Jesus Christ who transformed St. Sava's life, transform our lives. May we honor St. Sava in word and in deed.

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