St. George
Serbian Orthodox Church
Carmichaels, PA

Remembering Kosovo - June 2003

by Fr. Rodney Torbic

Let us think about the cumulative suffering that has taken place in Kosovo. Our minds drift back to 1389 as a marking point. The suffering has continued to the present.

The ground of Kosovo is marked with the blood of martyrs. Kosovo represents a decision-making for Jesus Christ. Men, women and children standing fast for Christ have maintained their honor and dignity and commitment to Christ in the face of peril and adversity.

Everyday, everywhere that the Gospel has been made known, individuals live out the dynamics that created the martyrs of Kosovo. Everyday we choose whether we will give up honor, dignity and commitment to Christ. Everyday we choose whether we are prepared to die for Christ in order to live in Christ. The lessons of Kosovo are lasting lessons. The lessons of Kosovo are applicable throughout life. We must choose to listen. We must choose to learn. We must choose to think.

We cannot go through life blindly. We cannot go through life thinking that Kosovo is some far away place that does not or may not affect us living in a different time or geographic area.

When people witness for Christ, the Christian witness permeates the centuries. When people stand for Christ against opponents of Christ, an important action is taking place.

The love of Christ for those who witness to Christ becomes known. The love of Christ is all encompassing, is all-healing, is all-embracing. The good sown on the grounds of Kosovo yields harvests century after century. It is important to take time to think about Kosovo. It is important to think about those who remain steadfast in the Faith in the face of the greatest of adversity.

When we enter the baptismal fount and emerge identified with Jesus Christ, we are expected to be soldiers for Christ. We are expected to remain firm in faith during times of temptation and in times of adversity. We know that Judas fell away and betrayed Christ. We have a responsibility not to betray Christ. We have a responsibility to be faithful to Christ. Our faithfulness is expected under all conditions, at all times.

The depth of our faith becomes known in times of adversity. The faith of the martyrs for Christ at Kosovo continues to be revealed. May we learn from them.

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