St. George
Serbian Orthodox Church
Carmichaels, PA

St. Nectarios - When Cancer Strikes...

by Fr. Rodney Torbic
November 9/22, 2005

When Cancer Strikes...
When cancer strikes, confusion sets in.
The person looks for reasons to hope.
St. Nectarios offers reasons to hope.
When cancer strikes, dismay sets in.
The person looks for a way to recover.
St. Nectarios offers the way to recover.
When cancer strikes, questioning sets in.
The person looks for the right solutions.
St. Nectarios offers the right solutions.
When cancer strikes, basic faith is tested.
The person looks for certain reassurance.
St. Nectarios offers certain reassurance.
When cancer strikes, suffering is expected.
The person looks for belief in healing.
St. Nectarios offers the belief in healing.
When cancer strikes, death comes to mind.
The person looks for the triumph of life.
St. Nectarios offers the triumph of life.
When cancer strikes, life seems so fragile.
The person looks for renewal of strength.
St. Nectarios offers renewal of strength.
When cancer strikes, a vacuum is created.
The person looks for fulfillment in Christ.
St. Nectarios offers fulfillment in Christ.

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