Holy Trinity
Serbian Orthodox Mission
Fairmont, West Virginia

Hard Worker - Mike Danko

Mike and Rosa Danko were part of the the original group initiating interest in establishing the mission. Mike Danko with assistance from friend Russell Hardaway constructed the iconastasis, altar table, table of oblation and icon stands for the chapel. Rosa Danko was a dedicated and loved worker for the chapel from its inception until her unexpected death at a young age in the summer of 2002.

Hard Worker - Sharren Paroda

Sharren Paroda is one of the original founders of the Holy Trinity Mission. She serves as the Treasurer and has worked hard with other members of the Mission from the beginning in coordinating the services and work of the Mission. Sharren Paroda was a Kuma when the First Hierarchical Divine Liturgy was served and His Grace Bishop Dr. MITROPHAN blessed the opening of the Mission.

Fr.Rodney Torbic

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