St. George
Serbian Orthodox Church
Carmichaels, PA

St. George Veterans
Remembered, Recognized

by Fr. Rodney Torbic
as appeared in the American Srbrobran - July 3, 2002

CARMICHAELS PA - Whenever memorial Day approaches, the men and women who have served nobly in the military are on the minds of people in America. The St. George Church has a proportionately high number of parishioners serve in the United States military.

On Sunday, May 26, prayers were offered for the health and well-being of the living veterans and the men serving actively in the armed forces at the present time. Prayers also were offered for the repose of the souls of the veterans who have departed this life. Forty-one veterans are buried on the grounds of the St. George Church.

When World War II veteran Pete Smargie arranged for the acquisition of new flags to be placed on the graves of departed veterans prior to memorial Day. Mr. Smargie is a well-known figure in the area for his work with veterans affairs. U.S. Marine veteran Rick Rodavich, caretaker of St. George Cemetary, placed the flags on the graves.

Pete Smargie - retired chief of police, Masontown;
former PA State policeman; retired caretaker of
St. George Church grounds; Head Tutor;
W.W.II Veteran

Veteran Albert George Rodavich was recently recognized by the St. George Church at the Patronal feast celebration for having completed construction on the new classroom in the church hall. World War II Merchant Marine veteran Joe Katusa gave a speech recently to a marine radio operators' convention in Pittsburgh this past month. Millicent Hunchuk, Parish Executive Board Secretary and Parish Nurse Practitioner, is among the active veterans of the parish.

St. George Choir member and frequent Epistle reader Gerald Milosevich is a veteran. Gerald Milosevich's brother and business partner Grover Milosevich is also a veteran. The Milosevich brothers served on the St. George Parish Executive Board for many years.

Carmichaels businessman Milosh "Serb" Krewasky is a veteran who regularly takes pictures of events at the St. George Church and is well known for overseeing the lamb roasting for St. George picnics. Mr. Krewasky has served on the Parish Executive Board.

Richard Rodavich - 6 year Marine Veteran;
St. George Cemetary Caretaker

Masontown businessman and former Parish executive member Stan Brozik is a U.S. marine veteran. Mr. Brozik's restaurant, Dolfi's, is the site of the Anniversary banquet of the St. George Church. Flags flying in front of Dolfi's attest to the patriotism of Mr. Brozik. A window in the St. George Church dedicated to the Holy Archangel Michael is in memory of Mr. Brozik's father, veteran Michael Brozik.

Richard and Dustin Menhart and David Rogish are currently on active duty. These three men have direct connections to the St. George Church and their well-being is prayed for consistently.

Stanley Skorich was a pilot in World War II. Melvin Dragich has deep roots in St. George Church and is among the current veterans attending church. Eli Matovich, Eli Standish, Pete Krivosky, Pete Rantovich, Joe Hunchuk and Swetko Davidovich served in the United States military and are parishiners of the St. George Church.

Veteran Lou Zorman, after serving in the military, went on to a distinquished career with the federal government, serving as a correctional officer at the federal facility in Morgantown, West Virginia.

Shown preparing for a jump is Captain Richard Menhart who has been a member of the Serbian Orthodox church in Carmichaels PA for many years. Richard is a career soldier, on active duty for the past twelve years. His mother Gail, wife Kesa and children Brittany and Corey are often seen attending services at St. George, despite the fact that Richard's military career keeps the family facing different assignments and locations from time to time. "Richard's brother Dustin is also in the military on active duty and will begin officer's training in September," according to Father Rodney Torbic, the family's pastor.
Prayers are offered throughout the year at the St. George Church for the armed forces. The parish rejoices that two former priests went on to careers with the United States military. Lt. Colonel Very Reverend Father Adam Yonitch is with the United States Air Force reserves. Father Yonitch is in his twentieth year of military service. Father Milan Sturgis served for many years as a Chaplain with the Marine Corps and is still serving an important role with the federal government in matters pertaining to Kosovo.

When Memorial Day approaches each year, the St. George parishioners have much to remember.

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