St. George
Serbian Orthodox Church
Carmichaels, PA

On Organ Donations

by Fr. Rodney Torbic

- Coming to a decision regarding being an organ donor requires careful consideration.

- What are the consequences if a person chooses not to be an organ donor?

- What does being an organ donor mean in precise terms.

- What limits exist regarding the giving of organs.

- What safeguards are taken to ensure respect of the body.

- Is there fairness in the distribution of organs.

- What precautions are taken to prevent a rush to obtain organs.

- Have Church writings been consulted in the decision-making process?

- What impact is made on family and friends when one chooses to be an organ donor?

- What impact is made on family and friends when one declines to be an organ donor?

- At what point does the potential giving of organs take place? Following death or prior to death?

- Who benefits from organ donations?

- How fair is the system of distribution?

- What independent evidence exists regarding the administration of organ donor programs?

- When the potential recipient is a family member or close friend, what are the pressures involved?

- Can organ donating be an act of Christian love?

- Can one freely choose not to be a donor when a critical need exists?

- Is the final decision made within an "Orthodox Christian" perspective?

- Is the body respected when one becomes an organ donor?

- What relationships develop between donor and recipient?

- How do organ donations change a donor and recipient?

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